New lights at Downe

Yesterday we brought some solar lamps to pop into the flower troughs around the cottages.

We do this each year and it helps create a lovely atmosphere in the late evening at Downe. It prompts guests to sit out for that half hour longer in the evening with a glass of wine drinking in the atmosphere.

It is quite magical with the sound of the waterfall in the courtyard and the cloudy half light from solar lamps and the lights on the stone circle.

The lamps were made in China and the boxes were clearly labelled “white solar lights” when we purchased them. The receipt clearly says “white solar lights” and the individual packaging was clearly labelled “white solar lights”.

Last night we discovered that “white” has a different meaning in China.

At about eight p.m. when we went into the office to check our emails we noticed bright colours in the courtyard and wondered what was going on.

We roared with laughter at the pretty red, green and blue lights around the courtyard. It was as though Christmas had returned for Easter.

It was magical in a very different way and for a moment we thought of opening it as “Hartland’s Illuminations” for the season!

Jeremy swears blind that during the night he heard a plane circling with a view to coming into land.

Obviously they will have to go but it was lovely for a evening.
Downe never fails to delight.

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