The Best Rate Guarantee – Enjoy the Benefits of Booking Direct

Rest assured that the best rates for Downe Cottages can only be found in one place – through our website i.e. when you book by using the “Check Availability & Book” link or by contacting us directly by phone or email.

Please review our Best Rate Guarantee and book your reservation through our website with peace of mind.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee that every cottage reservation booked through our website,, (using the “Check Availability & Book” link) will have the best rate available for that cottage for the period booked.

If you were able to find a rate on another website lower than the rate on the website for the same cottage, dates, payment conditions and restrictions, we would match the lower rate that you have identified i.e.:

  • If you find a lower rate at the time of booking on a third party website, contact Downe Cottages and we will match that rate.
  • If you find a lower rate on a third party website after you have already made a reservation on the website, we will honour that lower rate.

This way you can be certain that you are paying the lowest rental whenever you book a cottage through our website.

Contact Us to claim under The Best Rate Guarantee.

If we verify that a lower rate is available and bookable via a third party website, Downe Cottages will honour that lower rate.

Cottages on the other website must be publicly available and bookable at that lower rate at the time of verification.  We have had occasions in the past when third party websites offer cottages on terms that we do not recognise – e.g. a week in a one bedroom cottage for a rate less than the daily rate! –  we reserve the right to explain to you that the cottage is not available or bookable at the rate that you have identified (i.e. the price shown on the other website) which is simply a mistake!  We do not control third party websites and from time to time they unfortunately get it wrong.

The purpose of the Best Rate Guarantee is to ensure that visitors know that they will not get a better price for their cottage than the price quoted on and that every visitor to Downe Cottages gets the best price available for their cottage.

Check Availability & Book Now!

To find the price of a cottage please use the “Check Availability & Book“.  Just insert your preferred dates and the cottage availability and the price will display.

Covid 19

In order to ensure our guests’ safety during the Covid 19 Pandemic:

  • We now leave a week between each booking of a Cottage. This enables us to delay putting a cleaner into a Cottage until 72 hours after guests depart and guests are not given access to their Cottage until 72 hours after the cleaner has left the Cottage.
  • In order to facilitate social distancing between guests, we are only renting half of the Cottages at any one time.

This means that the Cottages have to be available on a much more restricted basis when booking using the automatic booking process on the website (e.g. we now book all Cottages with a Saturday start day and there is a fixed booking period of one week).  This enables us to continue to allow booking via the website while at the same time controlling the occupation of the Cottages in accordance with the above principles by blocking out those weeks in which we have quarantined the Cottage. If guests wish to have different start days or longer stays they are asked to phone us on 01237 441 881 OR email us at when we may be able to be more flexible (e.g. being able to book a Cottage from a Friday or a Sunday or for a longer period: if all the available one bedroom Cottages are booked for a particular week we are able to book a couple into an available larger Cottage at the cost of a one bedroom Cottage; we may be able to reallocate the larger Cottages to different quarantine weeks if a guest wishes to book a particular Cottage when it has already been booked out for quarantine purposes etc. etc.).

The good news is that we are now open all year round so guests may chose to visit The Hartland Peninsula at any time of the year.

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