Coronavirus / COVID-19 Precautions

At this time, our Website must include a description of the approach we are taking to ensure that Downe Cottages stay COVID-19 Secure.

Our objective is to make sure your stay at Downe is COVID-19 Secure.

Our objective is to ensure that you are as safe as possible, to ensure that those who live and work at Downe are as safe as possible and to ensure that nothing we do damages the community in which we live.

To meet this objective, we have had to change the way in which we run the Cottages as follows:

  • We now leave a week between each booking of a Cottage. This enables us to delay putting a cleaner into a Cottage until 72 hours after guests depart and guests are not given access to their Cottage until 72 hours after the cleaner has left the Cottage.
  • Guests are required to maintain social distance from other guests and from those who live and work at Downe. In order to facilitate social distancing between guests, we are only renting half of the Cottages at any one time.
  • Because we cannot ensure that the common areas would remain COVID-19 Secure if we opened them, the Conservatory, the Gym and the Spa are not available to guests.
  • Because we will not be accessing a cottage for 72 hours after the departure of guests, we now ask guests to assist us by closing down their Cottage on their departure.

With the above approach in place we are confident that Downe is the ideal place to safely holiday during the pandemic. Indeed, our location on The Hartland Peninsula is also ideal. Even in the height of Summer the Peninsula remains very uncrowded and guests can spend wonderful days at Downe whatever the weather and whatever the time of year with very limited contact with third parties.

So far, the Cottages are operating brilliantly on the above basis with guests willingly playing their part in maintaining Downe Cottages as Covid 19 Secure.

We are uncertain how long we will have to maintain the limited availability of our Cottages but we have already booked out alternate weeks of each Cottage for quarantine purposes until the end of the year.

The good news is that we are now opening Downe throughout the year rather than closing from November to Easter.

Refund of Rental

With the advent of Covid 19 in March of 2020 we cancelled all outstanding bookings and refunded all monies that had been paid in respect of those bookings. We took the simple approach that it was unfair to hold monies when, as of March 2020, we were uncertain whether we would be able to fulfill those bookings.

In the event that people are prevented from taking up a booking at Downe because of a Lockdown in North Devon or a Lockdown in their home town which prevents them journeying to Downe we confirm that we will refund any rental pre paid for the Cottage.

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